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Curriculum & SCHEME of studies


B.Ed (Bachelor of Education)



The present endeavour to revise the existing Syllabi for Bachelor of Education is based on the following considerations:

  • To meet the norms and standards for 2 year B.Ed. Programme of NCTE as endorsed by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India in its judgment on 15th June 1993

  1. To implement the stipulation of the Report of the High-power Commission on Teacher Education constituted on the directive of the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India under the Chairmanship of Justice J.C. Verma (August, 2012). While developing the detailed design of this syllabus, the recommendations and guidelines advanced in the following documents have been taken into consideration:
    • National Curriculum Frameworks for Teacher Education Towards Preparing Professional and Human Teacher NCTE,2009
    • NCTE norms and standards for Bachelor of Education programme leading to Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) degree two year course(Regulation 2014)
    • Curriculum Framework: Two year B.Ed. programme of NCTE, December, 2014
    • The Bachelor of Elementary Education (B.EL.Ed) programme of study, Maulana Azad Centre for Elementary and Social Education, Central Institute of Education, University of Delhi.
    • Syllabus for Two-Year Bachelor of Education, National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) 2012
    •  Besides, Curriculum Framework: Two year B.Ed. (Secondary) Programme prepared by the NCTE (2014), 2 year B.Ed. curriculum prepared by NCERT and those of several universities in the country have been referred to while developing this syllabus.  The following principles have guided the development of this course:
  • Reducing the gap between theory and practice,
  • Eliminating mismatch between teacher education curriculum and school realities,
  • Updating the curricular areas of teacher education in terms of enrichment of content knowledge and pedagogical competence of prospective teachers,
  • Using a variety of approaches and methods for transaction of the course contents,
  • Incorporating multimodal strategies for effective, Continuous and Comprehensive assessment of the performance of the student-teachers.

The B.Ed. programme of Teacher Education Manipur University   and its affiliated Teacher Education institutions shall comprise of the following papers:


1. Basics in Education   2. Childhood  and growing up 3. Contemporary India and Education 4. Understanding Disciplines and subject  5. Language across the curriculum  6. Reading and reflecting on texts 


7. Basics in Education 8. Childhood  and growing up 9.Contemporary India and Education10. Understanding Disciplines and subject 11. Reading and reflecting on texts 12. working with community 


13. Knowledge  and Curriculum part 1 14. School  Internship 


15.  Knowledge  and Curriculum part 2

Choosing Pedagogy - ( Disciplinary Stream ) & ( Teaching of Subjects ) 

i) The candidate will have to choose a combination of Pedagogy - one from  Disciplinary Stream  &  another from  Teaching of Subjects which must correspond  from the options given below, which he/she must have studied in the qualifying degree , i.e. Bachelor's degree or Master's degree for 150 ( 120 external & 30 internal marks ) in these subjects. 

ii) The subjects chosen by the candidates will be considered final for preparing merit list and allocation of the institution.

iii) The subjects chosen by the candidates from the options below will be considered as the teaching subject and will remain to be the same throughout the B.Ed program.

iv) Request for change in Pedagogy -  Disciplinary Stream or Teaching of Subjects will not be entertained under any circumstances for allocation of institution and seats.


Pedagogy ( Disciplinary Stream ) 

1. Mathematics 

Mathematics  ,  Pedagogy ( Teaching of Subjects ) 

 Pedagogy ( Disciplinary Stream )

2. Social Science 




Political Science

Social Science ,  Pedagogy ( Teaching of Subjects ) 

Pedagogy ( Disciplinary Stream )

3. Science

Physical Science



Computer Science

Home Science , Pedagogy ( Teaching of Subjects ) 


Pedagogy ( Disciplinary Stream )

4. Language 


Manipuri  , Pedagogy ( Teaching of Subjects ) 


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2. Old Syllabus for B.Ed 2015-16 (pdf)