Our Vision & Mission


Slopeland College of Teachers Education strives to become an internationally accredited training and higher education center of excellence. It will be an institution that : 

1) Trains talented leaders for India's transformation. 

2) Offers a learning environment in support of trainees/students creativity and success.

3) Provides fulfilling opportunities for faculty and staff

4) Engages in global partnership to advance knowledge and universal well being. 



The mission of Slopeland College of Teachers Education , as Indian-style non profits, trainees/students-centered institution striving for international distinction, is to deliver training and higher education in the fields of critical core values and governing principles , which include caring , ethical behavior , equal opportunity , gender equality , environmental consciousness and lifelong learning , underpin the institution's teaching , research service activities to produce the innovative , entrepreneurial , and socially responsible leaders that are helping to make Slopeland College of Teachers Education an exemplary institution in the training and higher education landscape. The values lead to activities that prominently include : 

1) Maintaining the institution as a not for profit , trainees/students' centered institution.

2)Pursuing financial and administrative autonomy and accountability. 

3) Guiding growth and development through strategic planning.

4) Seeking quality assurance by accepting NAAC accreditation standards. 

5) Fostering a culture of continuous improvement and evaluation. 

6) Creating an environmentally sensitive and sustainable institution. 

7) Developing a general education curriculum that foster critical thinking , cultural awareness and community engagement and lifelong learning to produce well-rounded graduates.