15/May/2020,New Academic Calendar , due to Corona Virus

Due to the unprecedented lockdown from past two months. , a new time table become necessary in order to plan for future ahead , most importantly to cover up the loss academic calendar. Two calendar are designed , one by University for the old students / trainees ( which includes tentative date of examination ) ,and the second by college for general information , project work and new admission.   

07/march/2020 , 3rd semester ( 2018-20 batch )

Pre Final starts from 16 March 2020 & Final starts from 27 March 2020. 

10/november/2019,1st Semester ( 2019-21 batch )

1st semester ( 2019-21 batch ) , University Exam Notice.Earlier exam was scheduled on 06 December 2019 , but it has been re scheduled on 06 January 2020. 

13/July/2019 , Induction Program & Community Contact Program

Details of Induction Program for freshers & Community Contact Program are attached below.Click the download link below to find it.