Admission fees

1.B.Ed(Bachelor of Education )


The total fee for the whole course ( 2 years ) is Rs. 80,000/- ( Eighty Thousands only) . Once applicable to be admitted to the college after thorough screening and test, a trainee candidate is always encouraged to pay the full amount at one time. 

 To the minimum , a candidate is entitled to pay Rs.40,000/- (Forty Thousands only) to be applicable for the admission.

After the completion of one year,trainee must clear out the remaining fee by admitting in second year, irrespective of the current semester. 

A Free College Track Suit will be distributed which are included in the college fees. 


 Admission Fee for BBA/BCA course is Rs. 7000/- (Seven Thousands) 

Monthly Fee is Rs.2000/- (Two Thousands)